Russian Parliament is going to update Russian law with regulations on copyright for artificial intelligence. It is suggested that the copyright for the content created by artificial intelligence shall belong to AI’s owners.

The draft law shall apply to all AI-created intellectual property, including audio, video, images, texts, and analytical materials.

Currently the copyright for AI-created content belongs to the owner of the computer where the AI is running. The lawmakers consider this regulation incorrect and suggest that the copyright shall belong to the owners of the AI.

Russian lawyers and IT-specialist welcome the initiative, however, expect some problems. The experts say that sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish the AI and human-created content. It may be also complicated to define the AI and distinguish it from ordinary software. Some lawyers also suggest that the copyright shall belong to the user of the AI and not to AI’s owners (same as the copyright for an image belongs to the digital artist and not to his/her software or to the software owners).

The draft law shall further promote AI’s development in Russia. Last year Russian companies invested more than 170 million USD into AI-related projects. Russian Government also plans to invest into AI – respective regulations and national programs have been recently adopted.