Business management is a matter of trust



For your subsidiary or representative office in Russia we take over the complete management in legal matters, including establishing and temporary nominal Management for the period of obtaining a work permit for your employees.

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Management of a Russian company

A CEO of a Russian company has the most extensive powers, his/her actions create and terminate obligations for the company, regardless of whether such actions are approved by the shareholders of the company or not. It often comes to unscrupulous behavior of managers (parallel business and cooperation with competitors, illegal use of trademarks, payment of inappropriate remunerations, withdrawal of assets, etc.). Therefore, the candidate in question should enjoy the trust of the owners, strictly comply with shareholders’ decisions and regularly report on activities in Russia.

The management of a Russian company requires knowledge of Russian legislation (including civil, customs, tax, labor, banking and accounting), international business standards and business practices in Russia as well as routine of Russian authorities, requires regular or frequent presence in Russia.

As a rule, foreign nationals can only perform the functions of a company’s manager only based on a work permit. The work permit is issued upon an invitation of the respective Russian company. Therefore, when founding a company, only a Russian citizen may be appointed as a CEO. Subsequently, the invitation can be formalized on behalf of the established company, whereupon a foreign CEO receives a work permit and a work visa.

Our law firm will be glad to assume the functions of the head of your Russian subsidiary, branch or representative office. Our employees enjoy the fullest confidence of our clients, have a legal or financial degree and have more than 10 years of experience. Our employees fluently speak foreign languages, understand Russian law and details of making business in Russia, guide themselves with global business standards and ethics.

Our services include:

  • formal management of the company, taking full account of the interests and instructions of shareholders;
  • constant communication with shareholders (parent company), reporting according to internal standards in German, English or Italian;
  • ensuring the company’s compliance with Russian legislation;
  • cooperation with Russian authorities, including personal presence, participation in inspections and interviews;
  • administrative work and document management, including signing contracts, invoices, legal acts, tax and customs documents;
  • opening and closing bank accounts, signing payment documents, interaction with banks;
  • assistance in recruiting, employees’ supervision, signing employment contracts and personnel records;
  • constant presence in Russia, participation in negotiations (if necessary), advice and rapid response to any situation.

The price of our services is much lower than the usual costs for recruiting and employment of a foreign manager (relocation costs, salary, paid vacations and sick leaves, health, social and pension insurance, costs for accommodation of the employee and his/her family, work permit costs, compensation for dismissal, etc.).

Our services are provided on a permanent basis and allow us to insure your company against an unexpected resignation of a manager, ensure business consistency and seamless cooperation with customers and partners.

You may use our services both in the initial phase (e.g. while receiving a work permit for a foreign CEO) as well as afterwards – during the development of your business in Russia.