Commercial and Distribution Law

Compliance with commercial law and well-written contracts
are the keys to your success in Russia



For your branch office in Russia, we will handle all legal, tax and accounting issues in a comprehensive and competent manner and ensure that you can concentrate yourself only on earning money.

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  • All types of contracts, including international contracts
  • Import, export, customs law
  • Localization
  • Certification, registration and licenses
  • Antitrust
  • Advertising law
  • Energy and environmental law
  • Personal data


Russian customers, buyers or partners often suggest to sign their drafts of contracts. Unfortunately, such drafts frequently contain conditions that are frankly unfavorable for our clients, as well as hidden risks that are not obvious at first glance, but may have adverse consequences in the future. Therefore, we always advise our clients to either conduct a professional audit of contracts before signing, or instruct our lawyers to draw up a balanced contract that will take into account also the interests of the client.

Our law firm is ready to assist you in all matters of commercial law, including negotiations with Russian buyers, partners or clients, verification of their drafts. We will develop any contracts necessary for your activities in Russia: sales contracts, service agreements, EPC contracts, lease, agency and license agreements, etc.

All contracts are drawn up in accordance with international standards and are bilingual (in Russian, English, German or Italian), consider the interests of the client, requirements of Russian law and the specifics of doing business in Russia. While drafting the contracts, our lawyers guide themselves with the principles of transparency, balance and rationality – it allows our clients to significantly reduce the time and effort for negotiation of these contracts with Russian partners. Along with lawyers, our accounting and tax specialists also take active part in drafting of agreements – this allows to minimize tax risks, take care of accounting issues and use eventual opportunities to optimize taxation.


Production in Russia (localization) is a recent but steady trend. Our law firm supports clients at all stages of localization – starting from the green field (acquisition of real estate, equipment, hiring staff, etc.) and up to the promotion and sale of goods in the Russian market.


The sales of certain products require certification, some activities may require a license or a permit (for example, of technical or environmental control bodies), certain types of transactions may require the consent of state bodies (for example, of an antitrust authority). We are ready to provide you with full support in permits and licensing.


When doing business in Russia, many companies collect personal data of their customers (for example, via online orders) – this makes such companies personal data operators. Personal data operators are obliged to fulfill special requirements stipulated by Russian law (installing servers in Russia, submitting reports to governmental authorities, obtaining personal data consents, development of internal documentation, etc.). Our lawyers will advise you on the existing requirements for personal data operators and help you to carry out all procedures provided by law.