Tax services in Russia

Competent tax consulting for your confidence



For your branch office in Russia, we will handle all legal, tax and accounting issues in a comprehensive and competent manner and ensure that you can concentrate yourself only on earning money.

  • Moscow: +7 495 137 58 57
  • Munich: +49 89 215 51 061


  • Tax consulting
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax reports and declarations
  • Tax optimization (profit tax, VAT, personal income tax)
  • Cross-border taxation
  • Inter group financing and cost sharing
  • Avoidance of double taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Dividends and profit distribution
  • Tax support of residents and non-residents
  • Tax inspections and communications with tax authorities
  • Tax disputes and litigations
  • Tax Due Diligence and support of auditors

Our advisers will provide you with accurate and competent tax advice. We will organize tax accounting, make tax reports and file them to tax authorities.

We are ready to analyze the existing system of calculation and payment of taxes (tax due diligence) and provide recommendations on prevention of tax offenses and suggest tax optimization solutions (including on corporate income tax, VAT, personal income tax).

We will advise on tax administration, considering both the positions of Russian tax authorities and the tax authorities of your country. Our tax advisers and lawyers will optimize taxes applicable to financing your business in Russia, organize allocation of costs and financial flows within the group, advise on avoidance of double taxation and taxation of dividends.

We will inform your employees and specialists on taxation of their personal income from Russia, propose solutions for optimizing applicable tax rates, and assist in drafting and filing tax returns.

We will take care of all communications with tax authorities, including communications during inspections, and, if necessary, dispute their illegal actions in an administrative or judicial proceeding.

All our accountants speak foreign languages and are experienced in cooperation with international auditors.

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