Russian Ministry of Economic Development suggests that Russian Federation shall offer residence permits to foreigners investing into Russian economy.
To receive the residence permit, a foreign citizen shall do one of the following:
– invest 15 million rubles (approx. EUR 160 000) into a Russian company;
– invest 50 million rubles (approx. EUR 550 000) into a foreign company operating in Russia for more than 3 years;
– register as a Russian individual businessman, invest 10 million rubles (approx. EUR 110 000) and employ at least 10 Russian citizens;
– invest 30 million rubles (approx. EUR 330 000) into Russian state securities or real estate.
Russian residence allows to work without a work permit, offers tax rates, medical and social services same as for Russian citizens.
The suggested residence program shall attract qualified specialists and investments into Russian economy, create workplaces, facilitate visa and migration formalities for foreign investors.