The lawyers of M-Legal together with colleagues from Moscow Digital School (mosdigitals.ru) drafted a short list for you to do and to smile.

  • Igor Mishin, graduate of Moscow Digital School: β€œA lawyer is just a human being. Therefore, in addition to closing deadlines before the end of December 2020, we must find time to buy gifts for the family, decorate a Christmas tree and set goals for 2021” πŸ™‚


  • Polina Bardina, graduate of Moscow Digital School, senior lawyer for legal support of digital economy (Pepeliaev Group), also made her notice. Disclaimer for real workaholics: this joke is not a guide to action!
    “Get enough sleep! It is possible to sleep well on New Year’s Eve, for the first time in a year of hard work. So, you meet the new year vigorous and start working with renewed power right in the morning of January 1!”


  • Sergey Kerosinsky, graduate of Moscow Digital School and partner of M-Legal:
    β€œIn addition to gifts, champagne and ingredients for Russian salad, lawyers have something else on the list.

    Many contractual dates are tied to a calendar year. Therefore, lawyers should check themselves and remind the customers that important contracts continue and do not end with the chimes. Please check if we also managed to abandon the automatic renewal of contracts that are no longer necessary!

    What about licenses, permits, certificates and trademarks? Will they not burn out on New Year’s Eve along with sparklers? It would be nice to continue doing what we love in the new year πŸ™‚

    Suppliers of goods and services love to raise tariffs from January 1. Therefore, it would be nice to sign necessary contracts at the old prices.Did we manage to fulfill all our obligations on time? Have the counterparties been paid? Have we issued invoices and timesheets to our clients? Did we remind the debtors that the debts shall be paid in the outgoing year? Have we signed acts on already fulfilled obligations?

    And what about our staff? Did we pay on time wages and bonuses to those who did well in the past year? Have we asked the employees what workbook is preferable for them since the new year – a regular one on paper or a new in electronic form?

    It is especially worth remembering about reporting, taxes and, if necessary, the possibility to change the tax regime before the new year.

    Our beloved legislators are also extremely attached to new legal acts coming into force on January 1. For example, the Federal Law “On digital financial assets, digital currency …” designed to legitimize and open a whole area in the Russian economy, comes into force on January 1, 2021. Therefore, each lawyer prepares for the holiday using his/her favorite legal system and studying what other surprises the Russian president and the parliament have prepared for us.

    They say that one should not leave any resentments and unspoken words in the outgoing year. Therefore, make sure that all offenders and unscrupulous contractors receive their claims and lawsuits before the deadlines expire πŸ™‚

    Analyze the work in the past year – what happened and where it’s worth thinking about improvements. Put your documents in order and archive what you have developed – it will still come in handy in the new year!

    Make plans for holidays and work in the new year. And of course, do not forget to congratulate your colleagues and clients, as well as all those who helped us to pass through this difficult year! Good luck and keep well in 2021!”