The Mayor of Moscow instructed Moscow companies to ensure that at least 30% of employees work from home.

All 65+ employees and employees having chronical diseases from the list provided by Moscow Healthcare Department shall also stay and work at home (if their presence at the workplace is not critical for the company’s business).
The company’s CEO shall issue a decision on how many employees shall work from home and report on that to Moscow Government.

The home office regime shall be in force at least up to October 28, 2020 (depending on the situation with coronavirus).
The non-compliance with the home office regime may entail a fine of up to 300.000 rubles (approx. EUR 3.300). In case of any damage to human health the fine will be up to 1.000.000 rubles (approx. EUR 11.000) or a prohibition to make business for up to 90 days.

Please contact our lawyers to get the documents necessary to engage the home office regime in your company.