The lawyers of mlegal report on success: fake Chinese equipment was detained at the customs.

A German producer of hair care equipment has contacted mlegal with regard to huge amounts of fake products sold in the Russian market.

The lawyers have filed numerous claims to multiple online and offline stores selling counterfeited products. Many of those were closed. However new shops selling fakes constantly appeared.

Mlegal has filed applications to the Russian customs and the trademarks of the German client were recorded in the customs register of intellectual property.

From that moment the Russian customs started to examine all products bearing the client’s trademarks regarding their authenticity. Only the legal equipment imported by authorized distributers could cross the Russian border.

In March 2021 a first batch of fake Chinese hair care equipment was examined at the customs. Having received a confirmation from the client that the examined products are fake, the equipment has been detained. Criminal and administrative procedures were started with regard to counterfeiters.

Please feel free to contact our lawyers to prevent the distribution of counterfeited goods in the Russian market. Recording your trademarks in the customs register of intellectual property is an effective measure to nip the distribution of fake products in the bud.