Foreign highly qualified specialists (“HQS”, i.e. foreign employees with monthly salary over 167.000 rubles / approx. EUR 2.000) and their families are now free to enter and leave Russia as frequently as necessary. Before that (due to COVID) an HQS could enter Russia only once.
However, a special entry permission due to the COVID-situation is still necessary.
A Russian company engaging an HQS shall file an application to the Russian Ministry that supervises the company’s business area (example: trading companies shall contact the Ministry of Trade). The Ministry will forward the application to Russian security and law enforcement agencies (FSB, MVD). Security and law enforcement agencies shall approve if the HQS may enter Russia. It is recommended to contact the Ministry at least one month in advance.
While entering Russia, an HQS shall have a passport, a visa and a valid employment or services contract.
An HQS shall also have a negative COVID-test made at least 72 hours before entering Russia or undergo the test in Russia within 3 days from arrival. A 14-days quarantine may be also required.
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