Protection of intellectual property

Does the protection of your intellectual property
extend to Russia?



For your branch office in Russia, we will handle all legal, tax and accounting issues in a comprehensive and competent manner and ensure that you can concentrate yourself only on earning money.

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  • License agreements, transfer of IP
  • Registration with the Russian Trademark and Patent Office (Rospatent) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Protection of rights for trademarks, know-how, domains and software

Before starting business in Russia, it is highly advisable to check that the protection of your intellectual property extends to the territory of the Russian Federation. It is not uncommon that foreign investors develop their business in Russia without proper protection of intellectual property. This entails the risk that Russian partners, distributors or other entities register trademarks and domains in their own name, get illegal access to patents, databases and know-how, organize “grey” import, production of counterfeit goods and “grey” sales – and thus effectively seize Russian business and market.

Our lawyers and patent attorneys will help you to verify the protection of your intellectual rights in Russia, organize the lawful transfer of these rights to a Russian subsidiary, partner or a distributor based on a license agreement and register it with the relevant Russian authorities.

Our law firm will support you in fighting illegal use of your intellectual property, in countering “grey” import, illegal use of domain names, production and distribution of counterfeit products, will punish violators and receive compensation.