Accounting Outsourcing
in Russia

Accounting cannot be neglected in Russia



For your branch office in Russia, we will handle all legal, tax and accounting issues in a comprehensive and competent manner and ensure that you can concentrate yourself only on earning money.

  • Moscow: +7 495 137 58 57
  • Munich: +49 89 215 51 061


  • Сonsulting on accounting
  • Organization and recovery of accounting
  • Drafting accounting policies
  • Accounting, preparation of primary accounting documents
  • Recording outgoing and incoming invoices
  • Booking of import and export transactions
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Payroll
  • Registration of HR documents
  • Registration of business trips
  • Preparation of payment orders in the bank-client system
  • Currency control
  • Annual financial reports
  • Making reports for statistics authorities
  • Making reports for insurance contributions
  • Reporting based on the client’s templates
  • IAS/IFRS reporting

Our accountants are ready to organize the accounting of your Russian subsidiary or subdivision as well as advise you on any accounting issues.

We can both create an accounting system from the very beginning, as well as continue accounting after other professionals. We will check and, if the documentation was lost or executed incorrectly, restore accounting records and develop accounting policies.

Our accounting experts organize the accounting of assets and liabilities, business transactions, settlements with buyers and suppliers, import and export operations. We organize the calculation and payment of wages, taxes and social contributions, vacations, sick leaves, compensations, travel allowances, as well as the maintenance of personnel documentation.

Let our accountants take care of all communications with the banks – from payment orders and to the currency control.

We will draft financial statements, including annual balance sheets, and submit them to authorities in full accordance with the requirements of Russian law. Our company will organize financial control and prepare reports in accordance with IAS / IFRS standards or based on client’s templates.